My approach to photography is to observe and capture authentic moments as they unfold.

I work with film and digital mediums in a documentary style to create collections of sincere, accurate, memory provoking and enduring photographs.

Communication through art and language have always gone hand in hand for me. A Master’s Degree in Foreign Languages and Linguistics, and years of photographing between Canada and Europe have made me well suited to flow between contexts and languages. I am now based out of Berlin, Germany but I return to Winnipeg, Canada every summer for the people and that unforgettable prairie sky.

My approach to professional and personal life is no different than how I approach art and communication; I base my interaction with others on honest, genuine contact.

I am continually humbled by the many intimate and personal moments I have been able to photograph and thankful to all of those that have trusted and shared so much with me along the way.

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